Majority government for Turnbull?!

07 July, 2016 Jennifer Stone 0

Turnbull’s Liberal Party could see an outright majority. With the remaining seats and postal votes still being counted, there could be a swing to the Liberal Party, according to sources. This swing could be enough […]

Labor is back, says Shorten

03 July, 2016 Jennifer Stone 99

The Labor Party is back, says Bill Shorten. He said this tonight in a speech, after many of the Federal Election results had been declared. The Labor Party leader further went on to say that […]

Betting market odds 01/07

02 July, 2016 Jennifer Stone 53

The last and final betting market odds are out. On the last day of political campaigning. Some of these bets are serious political bets. While other bets are quite, well, not so serious. The betting […]

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