Odds AGAINST Tunrbull Granting a Free Vote

Turnbull free vote 2016

Sportsbet are offering large odds of $6.00 for Malcolm Turnbull to permit a free vote on same sex marriage.

Same sex marriage is $1.50 to NOT be made legal before the next Federal election.

Legalisation occurring this year pays $101 with next year rated a $3.00 chance.

The political game of tennis over the legalisation of same sex marriage has been returned by Bill Shorten into Malcolm Turnbull’s court following the Labor Caucus rejection of the proposed plebiscite.

Pressure is expected to mount on the PM to allow a free vote in the Parliament but the odds of that happening are unlikely according to sportsbet.com.au, offering $6.00 he will do so this term.

Refusing the free vote is a short $1.10 while the legalisation of same sex marriage is seen as unlikely before the next election with $1.50 it will not happen and $2.50 it will.

Same sex marriage is a $101 chance to happen in the remainder of this year, $3.00 to become legal next year, $3.50 for 2018 and $1.65 to not happen before 2019.

We’ve seen political backflips before so there is a chance Shorten’s stance will force Malcolm’s hand but the odds are not looking great for him or same sex couples across the Nation

, said sportsbet.com.au’s Will Byrne.

Markets courtesy of sportsbet.com.au
Malcolm Turnbull to allow a free vote on SSM before next election?
$1.10 No
$6.00 Yes

SSM to be legalized before next election?
$1.50 No
$2.50 Yes

Year SSM legalised
$101 2016
$3.00 2017
$3.50 2018
$1.65 Not before 2019

Year of plebiscite
2016 $26
2017 $7
2018 $9
$1.20 No plebiscite or later than 2018

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