Donald is in a Slump

07 August, 2016 Jacqueline Scott 61

After the Republican National Convention and the firestorm that came from the DNC email leak, Donald Trump was on top.  Not anymore.  As anyone who follows politics would know, there are specific Republican bases you […]

How the Odds Have Changed

28 July, 2016 Jacqueline Scott 107

Sunday morning I woke up to seeing this picture on Donald Trump’s Twitter feed. This isn’t surprising.  The Republican National Convention had just finished when CNN, the LA Times and the Morning Consult did their […]

The RNC Convention, so Far

20 July, 2016 Jacqueline Scott 74

The RNC Convention began on Monday and it was filled with so much drama and so many speeches that it’s all just beginning to filter and and process. The day began with chaos.  The “Never […]

Trump and Pence 2016

17 July, 2016 Jacqueline Scott 1

The Republican side has officially announced their party’s ticket.  Indiana Governor Mike Pence has been announced as Donald Trump’s running mate. Mike Pence is the currently serving governor of Indiana.  He is most well known […]

Credible or Capable

01 July, 2016 Jacqueline Scott 7

Donald Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday saying, “ISIS exploded on Hillary Clinton’s watch — she’s done nothing about it and never will. Not capable!” He was reacting to an interview that Republican Senate Majority Leader […]

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