Political Odds Two Months Before

02 September, 2016 Jacqueline Scott 57

It’s roughly two months before the election.  While the debates have not started yet, Americans can see a trend in its news coverage and social media.  Hillary has been the presumptive winner of this election […]

The Predictions Have Started

30 June, 2016 Jacqueline Scott 1887

The presidential predictions have begun. FiveThirtyEight has predicted that Hillary Clinton has an 80% chance of winning the presidency.   The rationale that Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight gives is, because he’s an unusual candidate, that […]

Social Media Power

29 June, 2016 Jacqueline Scott 62

  In 2008, Barack Obama did something extraordinary. He had a Twitter account and reached out to his constituents in a way that no other candidate ever had before. Obama was the first candidate to […]