The RNC Convention, so Far

20 July, 2016 Jacqueline Scott 73

The RNC Convention began on Monday and it was filled with so much drama and so many speeches that it’s all just beginning to filter and and process. The day began with chaos.  The “Never […]

Republican or Democrat?

23 June, 2016 Jacqueline Scott 3

When trying to place your bet on who will win this election we need answer two questions.  The first question is, do the American people want to change the party in power?  The second question […]

Trump’s Campaign Shake Up

21 June, 2016 Jacqueline Scott 0

A big shake up has been announced in the Trump campaign. Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager, Corey Lewandowski, is no longer with the campaign. Hope Hicks, Trump’s Campaign Spokesperson, stated, “The Donald J. Trump Campaign for […]

Republican Delegates Unbound?

19 June, 2016 Jacqueline Scott 1063

Republican Delegates unbound, that’s the idea that Eric O’Keefe is banding around.  During primary season the American people are not truly voting for the candidate. Americans are voting for delegates who will attend the party convention. In 20 […]