US Election is on Tuesday

08 November, 2016 Jacqueline Scott 1114

The US Election is on Tuesday, and the polls open at 6:00 a.m.  Depending on what state the voter lives in early voting has started for most Americans. Most polls still put Hillary Clinton ahead […]

The Second Presidential Debate

11 October, 2016 Jacqueline Scott 0

This article was difficult to write.  The Second Presidential Debate was meant to be a Town Hall style debate.  This would be where the candidates answered questions from a pre-selected audience, and the moderators would […]

Political Odds Two Months Before

02 September, 2016 Jacqueline Scott 59

It’s roughly two months before the election.  While the debates have not started yet, Americans can see a trend in its news coverage and social media.  Hillary has been the presumptive winner of this election […]

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