The Vice Presidential Debate

On October 4th at Longwood University in Farmville, VA the only Vice Presidential debate took place.  Republican Vice Presidential hopeful Mike Pence faced off against Democratic Vice Presidential hopeful Tim Kaine in a battle of words, a battle Pence was more prepared for than Kaine.  Mike Pence was ready for Kaine.

Kaine was able to get in good punches against the Trump campaign.  While Kaine was saying that the Trump campaign was a campaign of insults, Trump was on Twitter, insulting Kaine.  Pence deflects all the attacks Kaine threw against Trump and his campaign but didn’t defend Trump.

Pence said Putin is a bully and Kaine reminded him that he even praised Putin last month while being interviewed by CNN’s Dana Bash.  Mike Pence didn’t follow Trumps stand on the Syrian crisis and the use of safe zones.  This will probably be something they have to deal with in the near future.

Most are saying that Pence won this debate, deflecting attacks against Trump, and bringing the conversation back to Clinton.  But part of one’s job as Vice President is to defend the boss.  While many conservatives see this debate as great for Pence’s image it did nothing to quell any concerns that people have about Trump.

Kaine and Pence’s own political records were not discussed in this debate, which makes sense because their job is to defend the Presidential nominee.  Pence didn’t do that, and Trump is going to have to learn how to debate like Pence before October 9th when the next presidential debate takes place.  Anderson Cooper is moderating this debate.

Overall Pence is a better debater than Kaine.  But in the end, does that matter when Pence doesn’t do the job he is meant to do, balance the ticket and defend the presidential nominee.  Tim Kaine and Mike Pence aren’t running for President, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are.

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